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Ios Travel Guide - Ios Information - Ios Island, Cyclades, Greece

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About Ios

Ios is a distinctive example of the Cycladic islands with beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, small churches, traditional settlements, magnificent view of the endless Aegean sea as well as many archaeological places of great interest. 

The island's night life is renowned. Ios offers many bars and clubs where people party all night long. It is absolutely definite that everybody has a good time in Ios but Ios by night is an experience that nobody forgets. The clubs stay open until morning and sometimes the partying continues even then. 

Ios' harbor is called Gialos and it is only two kilometres away from the mainland, Chora. There are many souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels in Gialos and you can start exploring the island from there. There is also a camping area in Gialos (200 metres from the port), the largest travel agency of the island where you can buy airplane and boat tickets. 

The mainland, Chora, is quite picturesque and beautiful and you will be captured by its beauty from the very first moment. While exploring you might be lost in one of the small narrow streets of the island, but feel no fear because the windmills and Saint Nicolas' church from up the hill will be your guardians and guides to show you the way. There are more than 300 churches on the island of Ios and most of them are located in Chora. Chora is actually the base for many visitors where the best tourist resorts and hotels are found along with the many night clubs and restaurants. 

Mylopotas is the third main settlement of the island, it is 3 kilometres away from Chora and it is very famous because of its beautiful beaches, loved by all visitors. Mylopotas offers some of the best beach bars, hotels and camping areas. In the area's organized beach you can enjoy the sea an the sun but you can aslo be a bit adventurous and try doing scuba diving, water ski or any another sea sport. 

Some other settlements in Ios, with a few residents though, are Maganari and Saint Theodoti whereas some more beautiful areas by the sea are Psathi, Kalamos, Plakotas and Kampaki. The public trasportation on the island are the buses and they are very efficient, especially during the summer months where the run very often. There are two bus services, the first route is from Gialos (port) through Chora to Mylopotas and the second leaves from Gialos to Koumpara. There is of course another way to tour the island and that is with a rental car or a scooter in one of the many rent a car places in Chora or Gialos. You can compare all car rental prices and book your vehicle in Ios, through CarGreece.gr



Go to Mykonos (duration 4hr, once per day)

Go to Naxos (1hour 45min at least 3 times per day)

Go to Santorini (1 hour 15min, 3 times per day)

To Tinos (from 1/6/2015 every day with Sea Jets)




Ios - The Party Island

Ios has something to offer to everyone. The port (Yialos) is at one end of the island’s sole paved road, Chora (Ios Town) sits above it on a hill, but the beaches are the place to be. Most people spend their days at Mylopotas Beach, a 20 min walk downhill from Ios Town or a short bus ride from the port or Chora (buses run every 10-20min from 7am – midnight).


Dubliner, near the basketball courts, is a good place to start. Head up from the square to reach the Slammer Bar, where you can get hammered on “tequila slammers”, then run with the pack to Red Bull to get plastered on shots. Then find techno at Scorpion Disco, the island’s largest club, as you stumble your way back to the beach. After 2am people dance on the tables at Sweet Irish Dream near the “donkey steps”. Be ready for the morning and head down to the beach where Mylopotas Water Sports Center offers rental and lessons for windsurfing, water-skiing and snorkelling.


The main tourist office is next to the bus stop and it opens daily from 8am to midnight. In Chora, take the uphill steps to the left in the square and take the first left to reach Francesco’s for spectacular harbor view and terrace bar. On the end of Mylopotas Beach Far Out Camping has a pool, plenty of tents, parties and activities including bungee jumping. Ali Baba’s next to Ios Gym, offers delicious food and deserts. Around the corner from the church Lord Byron’s serves a unique blend of Greek cuisine.

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